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    • Recommended for a secure stop or rectangular archwires.
    • Metal injection molded for exceptional strength.
    • Use Straight or Angled Plier to crimp onto archwire.
    • Pack of 10.

    Cat. No. 640-356

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  • Curved Hook

    • Crimp on hook for elastics or as a stop.
    • Available Right or Left
    • Use Hook Crimping Plier to crimp firm base of hook.
    • Packs of 10.

    Cat. No. 640-330 Right

    Cat. No. 640-331 Left

    Surgical Hook

    • Vertical Ball Hook for fixation.
    • Packs of 10.

    Cat. No. 640-332


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    • Place crimpable mini post on archwire with hard wire cutter.
    • Use hard wire cutter to crimp mesial and distal side onto archwire.
    • Pack of 50

    Cat No 640-354 Crimpable Short Mini Post

    Cat No. 640-355 Crimpable Long Mini Post

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    • Unrestricted access to bonding all teeth.
    • Large, Medium, and Small sizes in clear and 5 colors.
    • Available in Autoclavable or Disposable plastics.
    • AUTOCLAVABLE Pack of 1


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  • Adult Size Cat. No. 820-610

    Child Size Cat. No. 820-620

    • Lip retraction with cheeks held far away.
    • Crystal clear and autoclavable.
    • Available adult and child size
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    • One size fits all – cold sterilizable.
    • For bonding and photography.
    • Comfortably retracts lips for all anterior restorative and orthodontic procedures.
    • 6 beautiful colors.
    • Assort colors for quantity price.
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  • Cat. No. 822-500 – Small & Medium

    • Clear autoclavable lip and cheek retractors.
    • Long handles for intraoral photography.
    • Two sizes for all situations.
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    • Bendable disposable brush
    • Four assorted colors
    • Box of 144

    Cat. No. 81-BRSH01

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    • Bendable disposable applicators for cavity lining, bonding, etching, fluoride, hemostatic, etc
    • Available Regular, Fine, Super Fine
    • Box of 400

    Cat. No. 81 MICAPR Regular Tip, 81 MICAPP FineTip, 81 MICAPS Super Fine Tip

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  • Highest compressive strength of all liquid/powder cements.

    2 1/2 minute working time to cement multiple bands.

    Completely set in 7 minutes.

    Contains Glass Ionomer which releases fluoride.

    Low solubility prevents micro leakage and wash out.

    Sumo is the most economical glass ionomer cement.


    Large Kit Cat. No. 585-490


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  • Phosphoric Acid 35% 1.2 cc Syringes

    • 35% Phosphoric Acid is the ideal concentration for etching enamel.
    • Etch will remain where placed and will easily wash off with water.
    • Available colors are red and blue.
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  • Kit contains:

    • 4 syringes of 4 gm each
    • 20 needle applicators

    Cat. No. 557-422-K Blue Etch Kit

    Cat. No. 557-424-K Green Etch Kit

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  • Mint flavor helps to alleviate the terrible etch taste.

    Green etch stays exactly where placed.

    Syringe takes disposable tips.


    Cat. No. 557-618


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