Electric Motor with Dental Handpiece – Model 230


We have examined every available electric motor with dental hand-piece. either model 204 (routine procedures, but only one bur size) or Model 230 (heavy duty and accepts all dental bur) will handle all appliance and lab adjustments. Both models come with hand and foot pedals controls as well as forward and reverse cutting direction. Hand-pieces have sealed bearings and do not require lubrication.

Model 230:

  • ¬†Adjustable Jacobs Chuck will accept all sizes of dental burs.
  • Speeds from 0 to 35,000 rpm.
  • Outstanding high torque and high power for rapid and easy cutting of all metal and plastic materials.
  • Heavy duty hand-piece, ergonomic and well balanced.
  • Motor protected by output blocking fuse.
  • 110 volt/220 volt adapter built into motor.
  • Cat. No. 874-802

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