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Excel Super Torque – Push Button


Excel Super Torque – Push Button

  • Excel Super Torque Handpiece Features:
  • HIGH TORQUE for maximum cutting efficiency.
  • Relatively SILENT and VIBRATION FREE for patient comfort.
  • Ergonomically BALANCED for maximum tactile feel to produce controlled cutting.
  • The Head is tapered and slightly smaller than other handpieces to provide GREATER VISIBILITY.
  • Water spray  adjustable from the finest mist to full water flow in both SINGLE SPRAY and TRIPLE SPRAY models.
  • PUSH-BUTTON model allows for rapid and reliable bur changing.
  • Unique textured surface for maximum grip with gloved hand.
  • Available in two and four hole models.


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Excel Push Button Single Spray

Buy 1 or 2 Handpieces

$ 149.00 Each Handpiece

Excel Push Button Single Spray

Buy 3 or 4 Handpieces 

$ 140.00 Each Handpiece

Excel Push Button Single Spray

Buy 5 Handpieces or more 

$ 132.00 Each Handpiece


874-252 Excel Push Button Single Spray 2 hole, 874-254 Excel Push Button Single Spray 4 hole

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