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    Fiber Glass Light Posts – Ultra Thin Endo Posts


    Fiber Glass Light Posts – Ultra Thin Endo Posts

    Ultra esthetic 17 mm fiber glass posts are reinforced with epoxy. The clear post allows the transmission of light to the apex for self-cure and/or light-cure cementation. Fiber glass post have the same elasticity as dentin which lessens the potential root fracture fro rigid metal post. Five different styles to cover all possible situations. Posts are individually handmade and measurements may vary slightly.

    Ultra Thin Endo Posts

    • For narrow canals found in molars, lower incisors and bicuspids.
    • Available in 3 sizes – 1,2 and 3.
    • 10 posts per pack.



    EP-30 Ultra Thin Endo Posts Size 1 Pack of 10, EP-31 Ultra Thin Endo Posts Size 2 Pack of 10, EP-32 Ultra Thin Endo Posts Size 3 Pack of 10

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