Micro Blaster


Micro Blaster – For All Sandblasting Procedures 

  • Enhance bonding strength to teeth and prostheses by up to 400%.
  • Eliminates the need for acids in the operatory.
  • Cleans brackets, attachments and crowns.
  • Kit comes with 2 carbide nozzles – 90° for anterior and 135° for posterior use as well as 4 hole MidWest and 2 hole Borden adapters for operatory use and lab connector.


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Micro Blaster

Buy 1 or 2 Blasters

$ 225.00 Each Blaster

Mirco Blaster

Buy 3 Blasters or more 

$ 205.00 Each Blaster


Uses for Micro Blaster

  • Clean orthodontic brackets.
  • Roughness molar bites
  • Replaces acid etch for preparing enamel for composites and Pit and Fissure Sealants
  • Etch composites, amalgams, and attachments for maximum bond strength.
  • Remove cement and debris from crowns and prostheses.
  • Intraoral porcelain repair.
  • Incipient lesion preps and minor class 1 preps
  • Fine occlusal adjustments
  • Placements of crowns and many many more