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Mint Green Syringe Etch 12 gm


Mint flavor helps to alleviate the terrible etch taste.

Green etch stays exactly where placed.

Syringe takes disposable tips.


Cat. No. 557-618


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MINT green syringe etch 

buy 1 to 10 syringes

$6.00 each

mint green syringe etch

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$5.50 each

mint green syringe etch

buy 25 or more syrniges

$5.00 each

  • 37% Phosphoric Acid Gel for dental etching 
  • Medium viscosity for easy application 
  • Gel is thixotropic – will stay where placed and will not run
  • Gel will not dry out and has long shelf life when properly stored
  • Washes off cleanly with no residue