Ultra PermaBand Syringe – Easy To Apply


Ultra PermaBand Cement Syringes; Office Kit

Cat. No. 557-477

Spam Filter Tests

500,000 Tracking Opens


Office Kit

buy 1 to 3 kits

$65.00 each kit

ultra permaband

office kit 

buy 4 or more kits

$60.00 each kit



• The finest and strongest band cement anywhere.
• Resin is not water soluble; no cement wash out.
• Does not have unpleasant acid cement taste.
• Bright yellow color for easy visibility and clean up.
• Technical instructions included with each kit.
• Virtually unlimited working time; then 45 second light cure.
• Fluoride releasing with outstanding 8 mm depth of cure.
• 35,000 lbs of crushing strength – almost indestructible.
• Bands can be removed with Band Removing Plier or Slitting Plier.
• Etching not required – recommended for maximum bond strength.