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Sumo Glass Ionomer Band Cement


Highest compressive strength of all liquid/powder cements.

2 1/2 minute working time to cement multiple bands.

Completely set in 7 minutes.

Contains Glass Ionomer which releases fluoride.

Low solubility prevents micro leakage and wash out.

Sumo is the most economical glass ionomer cement.


Large Kit Cat. No. 585-490


Spam Filter Tests

500,000 Tracking Opens

Sumo Glass Ionomer

Band cement

buy 1 to 2 kits

$33.00 each kit



buy 3 to 4 kits

$30.00 each kit

sumo glass ionomer

band cement

buy 5 or more kits

$28.00 each kit



  • 50 gm Powder
  • 55 cc Liquid