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    Brackets, Bands, Bonding, Casting, Chemicals, Elastic, Tools, Equipment, Wires, & More…

    Introducing our complete line of orthodontic products, an extensive line of supplies, and unique hand pieces. We manufacture the finest dental products at the lowest price in the world! We pride ourselves on providing excellent customer service and will continue to strive to give the very best service in the industry. We take our business seriously and want to make sure your transaction with us is a pleasant one!

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    • Anatomic 1st Molar Bands – Sizes 37 to 44.5 – Lower Right and Left

      • Molar bands that anatomically conform to the individual tooth.
      • Available in 31 1st molar and 27 2nd molar proportionally graduated half sizes for each quadrant.
      • First Molar bands numbered from 29, 29.5, 30, 30.5 …………. to 44.5 or 1 …………. to 30.
      • Second  Molar bands numbered from 29, 29.5, 30, 30.5 …………. to 41.
      • Lingual indent helps for a precise fit and reduces occlusal interface.
      • Quadrant and sizes are permanently electro-etched onto band.
      • Special 88 price for any quantity as well as 100 molar band kits.
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    • Gold Mesh Disk with Swivel and Chain


      The Gold Swivel allows the chain to rotate a full 360° around the attachment, eliminating the need to plan a path of insertion before bond placement. No matter where the Swivel is placed, the Gold Chain can be tied wherever desired.

      The Gold Swivel also facilitates easy attachment placement. The Micro Tweezer tip will fit securely into the Swivel giving total control of the attachment. Either the 4.5 mm or the 6 mm Gold Mesh Disk are the only attachments appropriate to use with a light cure system. The bonding resin will be totally cured since the curing light will reach all the adhesive through the open mesh. If a solid bond is used with a light cure system, the resin under the bond will never cure. In addition the Gold Mesh Disk can easily be cut or bent to fit any size surface adding the retention of bonding to a proximal edge.

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    • Rapid Palatal Expansion Screws

      • An exceptionally sturdy all stainless steel rapid palatal expansion screw.
      • Specifically for the rapid expansion of the palatal suture.
      • Four expansion sizes – 7, 9, 11 and 13 mm engraved on screw body.
      • Directional arrow on screw body.
      • Special key with angled tip included.
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    • Safety Swivel Key

      • Reduces the risk of patient swallowing the expansion key.
      • No more fingers in the patients mouth.
      • Cat. No. 820-002
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    • Gold Buttons with Chain

      The Standard 5mm Gold Button with Chain has been the most requested cuspid attachment by Orthodontists for over 20 years. The 5mm Button is the ideal size for 95% of all impacted teeth.

      Cat. No. 248-025

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      • Smooth rounded ball is twice size of wires.
      • Wire is stress relieved to reduce brittleness.
      • 100 clasps per package.
      • Available in 4 sizes.
        • .028 size Cat. No. 825-625
        • .032 size Cat. No. 825-632
        • .036 size Cat No. 825-636
        • .040 size Cat. No. 825-640
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    • Lingual Expanders

      • Similar to the RPE, the smaller expander allows the screw to be placed on the lingual of the mandible and the palatal of the maxilla.
      • Lingual Expanders are also used for quadrant expansion and molar distalization.
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    • Mouth Mirror – Only Mirror

      • Socket perfectly fits our mirrors.
      • Stainless steel.
      • Available individually.
      • Cat. No. 878-362
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    • Mini Sticks – Standard Colors

      • Packs of 1000 Ties.


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      • Blends with tooth color.
      • Esthetically pleasing appearance.
      • Excellent mechanical retention.
      • Packs of 10

      Cat. No 640-327

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    • 8 Braid Archwire 14″ Lengths

      • 8 Braid Archwire for bonded lingual retainers and upper and lower arches.
      • Gentle force levels with superb torque control.
      • Available in 6 sizes,
      • Packs contains ten 14″ lengths.
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    • Ultimate Retainer Cases

      • Our Super Strong Case is virtually indestructible.
      • Slides easily into pocket or purse.
      • Available in Small (holds 2 Hawleys) or Large for functionals.
      • Easily holds 2 Hawleys.
      • One piece design for extra strength.
      • Air holes for ventilation.
      • One Piece.
      • Unbreakable hinge.
      • Perfect closure with inner rim.
      • Internal latch will not catch on clothing.
      • Easy opening with thumb release.
      • Super strong with reinforced corner.


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    • Orthodontic Bracket Tweezer with Scaler

      • Extra long reverse action bracket placement tweezer.
      • Perfectly Balanced scaler for precise composite removal.
      • Tweezers made from quality surgical steel with excellent finish.
      • Cat. No. 877-351
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      • Crystal Clear – This is crystal clear acrylic, not those cheap foreign shields. Your vision is exactly the same with or without the shield!
      • Protection – Total protection from spray, splatter, and debris.
      • Light Weight – Almost negligible weight on your head.
      • Forward Shield – You can comfortably wear your corrective glasses.
      • Reusable shields are strong 0.020 crystal clear acrylic and washable.
      • Packs of 3
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      • Comfortable – Head Frames foam lined for comfort.
      • Available in 4 different colors.
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      White Cat. No. 822-601

      Pink Cat. No. 822-602

      Blue Cat. No. 802-603

      Teal Cat. No. 802-604

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    • Viscous Etch 8 ounce bottle

      • Most economical way to purchase viscous etch.
      • Available in red, green, or blue color.
      • Etch will stay where placed – will not run.
      • Red 8 oz Cat. No. 557-419
      • Green 8 oz Cat. No. 557-619
      • Blue 8 oz Cat. No. 557-519

      Unique Features:

      • 37% Phosphoric Acid Gel for dental etching.
      • Medium viscosity for easy application.
      • Gel is thixotropic – will stay where placed and will not run.
      • Gel will not dry out and has long shelf  life when properly stored.
      • Washes of cleanly with no residue.

      Product Contains:

      • 8 ounces – 240cc
      • Instructions for use
      • Material Safety Data Sheet ( MSDS ).


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    • Long Stick Ties- Metallic Colors

      • Packs of 1000


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    • Bracket Holder Keats Long

      • For placing bonds for anteriors, bicuspids and molars.
      • All tweezers are reverse action except for Keats Easy Access
      • Tweezers made from from quality surgical steel with excellent finish.
      • Cat. No. 878-342
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    • Lip Protector

      • Snaps easily onto archwire for a soft covering over appliances.
      • Really appreciated by wind playing musicians!
      • An excellent aid to help new patients with initial orthodontic strap-up.
      • Each pack contains 1 upper and 1 lower Lip Protector.
      • Cat. No. 822-888
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    • New Improved POLYPROPRYLENE expanders are far superior to vinyl retactors. These expanders comfortably hold lips and cheeks away from tooth surface during etching and bonding. They coordinate perfectly with our Tongue Blocks for proper saliva and tongue control.

      • AUTOCLAVABLE – Place expander in paper bag in autoclave.
      • FLEXIBLE – Connector less likely to fracture.
      • COMFORTABLE – Super smooth edges eliminate irritation.
      • COLORS – Used for bonding.
      • CLEAR – Used also for photography.
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