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Category: Rapid Palatal Screws

Rapid Palatal Screws

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  • Rapid Palatal Expansion Screws

    • An exceptionally sturdy all stainless steel rapid palatal expansion screw.
    • Specifically for the rapid expansion of the palatal suture.
    • Four expansion sizes – 7, 9, 11 and 13 mm engraved on screw body.
    • Directional arrow on screw body.
    • Special key with angled tip included.
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  • Safety Swivel Key

    • Reduces the risk of patient swallowing the expansion key.
    • No more fingers in the patients mouth.
    • Cat. No. 820-002
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  • Lingual Expanders

    • Similar to the RPE, the smaller expander allows the screw to be placed on the lingual of the mandible and the palatal of the maxilla.
    • Lingual Expanders are also used for quadrant expansion and molar distalization.
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  • Anterior Fan Expander

    • For 8 mm expansion of Cuspid to Cuspid width. Use screw with fan in the Maxilla and without fan in the Mandible.
    • Cat. No. 810-011 – 8 mm expansion
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  • Anterior Rapid Palatal Expander

    • For rapid expansion of Anterior Maxilla with minimal molar increase; efficient in young children and also Cleft Palate cases.
    • Cat. No. 810-014 – 10 mm expansion
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