Castroviejo Curved 14 cm Surgical Scissor


Castroviejo Curved 14 cm Surgical Scissor

  • Our Surgical Scissors are made from the finest surgical steel for perfect cutting and no tearing.
  • All scissors are “Super-Cut” –  cutting edge ground to razor sharp precision.
  • Castroviejo scissors have super fine tips for virtually atraumatic and painless suture removal.
  • Super-Cut Scissors are “sharper’ than the conventional scissors: with one blade designed as “razor edge,” and the other with or without micro serrations, making these scissors ideal for grasping and cutting interproximal tissue.
  • Cat. No. N-1184


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Castroviejo Surgical Scissors

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$ 42.00 Each Scissor

Castroviejo Surgical Scissors

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$ 38.00 Each Scissor