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Mini Gold Mesh Disk with Swivel and Chain


Mini Gold Mesh Disk with Swivel and Chain

The Gold Swivel allows the chain to rotate a full 360° around the attachment, eliminating the need to plan a path of insertion before bond placement. No matter where the Swivel is placed, the Gold Chain can be tied wherever desired.

The Gold Swivel also facilitates easy attachment placement. The Micro Tweezer tip will fit securely into the Swivel giving total control of the attachment. Either the 4.5 mm or the 6 mm Gold Mesh Disk are the only attachments appropriate to use with a light cure system. The bonding resin will be totally cured since the curing light will reach all the adhesive through the open mesh. If a solid bond is used with a light cure system, the resin under the bond will never cure. In addition the Gold Mesh Disk can easily be cut or bent to fit any size surface adding the retention of bonding to a proximal edge.

Cat. No. 248-070